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Never touched Flutter or Dart before? We've got you covered. This journey will take you from "What's a Widget?" to "I just built my first app!"



This journey will take you from "I just built my first app" to "I'm ready to help other devs!"



Go from "I'm able to help others" to "I know the SDK inside and out, and can lead a team building, publishing, and maintaining a first class application."

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While you're installing...

Everything's a widget!

Learn about Dart

Making your app look cool

Find out how to make networking work!

Navigate with confidence

  • The Flutter cookbook has a set of articles for that, too!
  • By the way, you may see some stuff about Flutter's Router and more advanced navigation. They're great, but totally not required!

Flutter and State Management

Use plugins to access native APIs

Test your code!

Join the community!

Let's pause for a moment

What's beneath the widget?

Futures and Streams

Spice up your UI with implicit animations

What about assets?

Learn more about layouts

Forms and Validation


Dive into plugins and native APIs

Learn additional state management libraries

Learn how to prep an app for release

Check out Flutter DevTools

Give back to the community

Learn a little Flutter history

Explicit animations

Advanced Layout/Rendering

Targeting iOS

Do some desktop development

Bind to native libraries

Federated plugins

Try adding Flutter to an existing app

Apps in production


Dig into the
Flutter docs

What's new in docs

Check out new additions to docs, including breaking changes, Flutter announcements, and new blogs.

Explore what's new
What’s new in docs

Transition docs

Coming from another platform? Check out our guides for devs coming from Android, iOS, React Native, web, and more.

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Transition Docs


Access interactive examples to learn important Flutter concepts, including how to build your first Flutter app and integrating Firebase.

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Try our recipes for building functionality, implementing beautiful designs, and solving common problems in Flutter applications.

Try a cookbook recipe

Third Party Courses

Take a Flutter course

App Brewery

App Brewery

Start learning with the Complete 2021 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

Flutter apprentice

Flutter Apprentice

Get the complete guide to building mobile apps with Flutter


Flutter & Dart - The Complete Guide [2023 Edition]

A Complete Guide to the Flutter SDK & Flutter Framework

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Instant access to the power of the Flutter framework

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