Flutter on iOS

With Flutter, you can create beautiful iOS apps featuring custom designs without sacrificing features, quality or performance.

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Flutter on iOS

Flutter’s architecture empowers great user experience

  • Declarative syntax
  • Native performance
  • Interoperability with Apple
Declarative Syntax

Declarative syntax

With Flutter’s declarative syntax you simply describe what your user interface should do. For example, use a Row to layout a Text and Icon widget horizontally. It’s easy to learn and maintain.

Native performance

Native performance

Impeller, Flutter’s rendering engine, talks directly to the Metal graphics API making Flutter apps fast and flexible. No abstractions over system UI components.

Learn more about Impeller
Interoperability with Apple

Interoperability with Apple

When you create a Flutter iOS app, your Flutter code is automatically embedded into a native Runner app. This allows you to talk directly to Apple’s APIs, integrate with Apple’s developer tooling and features, or add Flutter to an existing iOS app.

Flutter on iOS

Design Tools

With Flutter, design can be involved in every step in the development journey.

  • Leverage pre-built components from the Material and Cupertino (iOS-style) libraries, or create your own custom design systems.
  • Create stunning animations with tools like Rive and Lottie.
  • Use hot reload to see design changes instantly.
  • Prototype ideas directly in the browser with drag-and-drop tools like FlutterFlow, or web-based IDEs like Zapp.run.
  • Preview UIs in multiple configurations, directly in continuous delivery processes, with Widgetbook.

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