Tatsuya Inoue

Tatsuya Inoue

Tatsuya Inoue makes his acclaimed debut with Flutter


Tatsuya Inoue had always wanted to be a game developer, but he’d never been sure where to start. Finally, he decided it was time to go for it, and set himself a goal of creating a simple mobile game for iOS and Android.

Why Flutter?

At first, Tatsuya tried developing a native iOS app, but he didn’t want to have to start from scratch when he scaled the game to Android. So he started looking for a cross-platform solution, and after testing several options including Unity, he landed on Flutter for its ease of use and readymade game toolkit and because he was familiar with Dart from his day job.

His solution

Tatsuya wanted to release his game as quickly as possible so he could start A/B testing and gathering feedback. Flutter made it easy for him to work quickly, leaning on the tutorials available on flutter.dev and the premade components in the Flutter Casual Games Toolkit.

As he worked, he used hot reload to see what he was building in real time, which made it easier for him to develop quickly.

“Developing my first game with Flutter was so easy and fun — I think more people should try it!.”

- Tatsuya Inoue, developer


Tatsuya used Flutter to build his first-ever game, TiniesMerge, for both Android and iOS in just three months. That year, it was a top 20 winning title in the Indie Games Festival.

Tatsuya says he had such a good time developing his game that he plans to build more in the future.