Estetik Yayıncılık increases ad revenue by 331% with Flutter

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Estetik Yayıncılık’s flagship newspaper, Sözcü, is available online, in print, and as a mobile app for Android and iOS. As a free app, Sözcü relies on ads for revenue, so the team was interested in new ways to increase ad revenue while reducing the cost of managing their ad infrastructure. They also wanted to streamline their development work and bring it in-house, as a lot of the work was outsourced and difficult to manage.

Why Flutter?

Flutter offered Estetik Yayıncılık the chance to manage both their Android and iOS apps from a single codebase, which would not only reduce their development work, but also allow them to bring more of that work in-house. So, with the help of the resources on Flutter.dev, the team built a proof of concept and tested it with a portion of their user base.

They found that not only did users enjoy the Flutter-based app, the development team enjoyed creating it. Flutter offered them new features and widgets that gave them more flexibility with a fraction of the effort, so they decided to rewrite their apps in Flutter and roll them out to their entire user base.

Their solution

Estetik Yayıncılık rewrote the Sözcü app for Android and iOS with Flutter over the course of about six months. In addition to bringing the development work in-house, they also implemented new features and ad formats, such as app open ads and adaptive, rewarded, and sticky banners.

“We've witnessed substantial improvements in our revenue and product deployment timelines since adopting Google's Flutter framework. Flutter's single codebase for both mobile and web apps has streamlined our development process, reducing costs and speeding up market entry. This shift has enhanced user experience and engagement, directly boosting our revenue. Flutter's customizable widgets have been key in creating appealing interfaces, strengthening our position in a competitive market”

- REHA BASOGUL, CDO, Estetik Yayıncılık


Flutter allowed Estetik Yayıncılık to reduce their reliance on outsourcing for their development work, reducing costs and giving them greater creative control over their apps. It also reduced their development time and made the entire process faster and more efficient.

By leveraging Flutter’s integrated ad support, including new ad formats and features, Estetik Yayıncılık was also able to meet their ambitious revenue goals. Compared to their original app, the updated Flutter-based app led to a 331% increase in Ad Exchange revenue, as well as:

  • +37% ad clickthrough rate
  • +149% average eCPM
  • +476% ad request eCPM
  • +131% ad delivery rate
  • +25% viewable ad impressions