Romwe Fashion

Romwe Fashion

ROMWE improves developer efficiency by 30% with Flutter

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increased developer efficiency


The fashion industry moves fast, and ROMWE, A Shein company needed to make sure its app could keep up. When the team decided to update their mobile app to improve the user experience, they knew it was important that the solution they chose would allow them to make future changes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Flutter?

With apps for iOS, Android, web, and macOS, cross-platform support was an absolute necessity. After considering other frameworks, the team at ROMWE discovered Flutter in July 2019, and was immediately interested in its multi platform coding ability. After reading the documentation on, the team built a proof of concept to evaluate the platform. The proof of concept was meant to test a variety of factors, including development efficiency, performance, UI performance, and code push. The most important factors, though, were performance and development efficiency, for which Flutter quickly impressed, along with its flexibility and ease of use. After that, Flutter became the easy choice.

Their solution

The team found Flutter easy to learn and get started with right away. As they began to build the new ROMWE app, they appreciated the ability to code all four apps from a single codebase. After launch, the team used Firebase to analyze the app’s performance, including user behavior.

“Flutter is a framework with high development efficiency and has performance like native application. It provides rich set of UI components and is very suitable for developing new applications. One set of code can be reused across multiple platforms”

- Wei Li, Development Team Leader, ROMWE


By using Flutter, ROMWE’s development efficiency increased by about 30%. Based on their success, they plan to continue using Flutter for their future app development needs.