Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors

Small team at Lucid Motors quickly launches a multiplatform app from a single codebase with Flutter


With the launch of their first vehicle, the Lucid Air, the Lucid Motors team needed to quickly develop a companion app for both Android and iOS to serve all their customers. With a team of less than 10 developers, they needed a way to maximize their limited resources without sacrificing the customized UI, intuitive design, or robust feature set their customers deserved.

Why Flutter?

The team considered using native frameworks to build each app independently, but quickly realized they wouldn’t be able to hit their release date in time. So when a colleague recommended Flutter, Lucid jumped in with both feet. The team combed through the documentation on to make sure that Flutter met all their needs, including multi-platform coding from a single codebase and easy portability.

Their solution

The Lucid team found Flutter easy to learn and new UIs quick to implement. They began implementing new features such as remote locking, Google Assistant integration, real-time navigation that syncs with the car, over-the-air vehicle software updates, battery monitoring, and more.

As they worked, they used the option to build for web to deploy and share internal links to prototype features with the team. This helped them stay on track to meet their ambitious launch goal and share their progress with each other.


The Lucid team met their launch deadline for both Android and iOS, even with a small team. The team also relied on Flutter's testing features to generate screenshots of their app in different states and in various languages, helping them ensure that they were presenting the best UI for every customer.