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Free & Open Source

No seat charges or usage fees; use under BSD license for access to every line of code - no black boxes

Free & open source

Multiplatform Games

Write your game once and deploy on Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop devices to reach more users from day one

Multiplatform games

Packages & Integrations

Speed up development with pre-built integrations for services like Ads, IAP, Firebase, Google Play, and Game Center

Packages & Integrations

From card games to platformers and casual 2D games. Start building your first game in minutes with templates to get started fast.

  • Endless Runner
  • Basic Template
  • Card Game
Endless Runner

Endless Runner

A side-scrolling infinite loop game that uses the Flame Game Engine to animate a character that avoids obstacles while running through the map.

Basic Template

Basic Template

A simple template to get started with your first Flutter game including start and end screens, audio integrations and game settings pages.

Card Game

Card Game

Drag and drop cards in a simple UI for a card game built from the Basic Template, ready for multiplayer integration and more

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Super Dash Demo Game

Try the new open source Super Dash demo on your desktop to experience a Flutter browser game built with the Flame Game Engine or download on mobile for iOS and Android. Avoid the bugs, collect points, and see how far you can go!

Dash Demo Game


2D Flutter Game Engine

Flame is a community built open source game engine built in Flutter that extends Flutter’s game development capabilities for games that require a game loop, collision, and maps. It takes advantage of the powerful infrastructure provided by Flutter, but simplifies the code you need to build your game.

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Flame Flutter Game


Flutter Game Integrations


Google Mobile Ads

Easily integrate Google AdMob and Ad Manager ads directly in your Flutter App

In-App Purchase.png

In-App Purchase

Build in-app revenue with Google Play and Apple App Store support for Flutter

Leaderboards & Badges.png

Leaderboards & Badges

Increase user engagement with a leaderboard and achievements

User Authentication.png

User Authentication

Securely save user data and personalize user experiencing with Firebase Auth

Crash Reporting.png

Crash Reporting

Get clear and actionable insights into game issues with Crash Reporting

Multiplayer Support.png

Multiplayer Support

Implement multiplayer capabilities in your game via Cloud Firestore

Developer Story

Learn how PUBG launched 80% faster adding Flutter to their existing game.

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Google Play

Google Services

Level up your Flutter game

Enhance your game with up to $900 in offers from Google (terms and conditions apply)

Google Ads

Google Ads

Receive $500 in ad credit when you spend $500 with Google Ads.

Terms and conditions apply. Click here to check your region's elibility.

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Cloud + Firebase

Cloud Platform + Firebase

Receive up to $400 across your choice of back-end services.

*You must connect your Firebase and GCP accounts to use credits for Firebase services

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