New CupertinoIcons has icon glyph changes


The existing cupertino_icons 0.1.3 icons are based on iOS 11 aesthetics with sharp angles and thin lines.

As Apple’s iconography updates with new OS versions, the cupertino_icons package is now refreshed as well.

Generally, all old glyphs referenced via the CupertinoIcons API are automatically mapped to very similar looking icons in the new SF Symbols style (rounder, thicker lines).

Some icons that entirely have no equivalents in the new SF Symbols style are left as is.

Some icons that have less variations (such as thickness, alterative looks, etc) are automapped and collapsed to the best matching variation in the new SF Symbols style but should be double checked for whether they still preserve the intended visual effect.

Description of change

The new cupertino_icons 1.0.0 font is handcrafted to best preserve the intent and aesthetic of the symbology through the transition. All existing CupertinoIcons’ static IconData fields (and thus all of the font .ttf’s codepoints) will continue to work and point to a reasonable new icon.

The new cupertino_icons 1.0.0 also has ~1,000 more icons to choose from.

See for a list of available icons and matching CupertinoIcons names.

Unchanged icons

For icons:

  • bluetooth
  • bus
  • car
  • car_detailed
  • chevron_back
  • chevron_forward
  • lab_flask
  • lab_flask_solid
  • news
  • news_solid
  • train_style_one
  • train_style_two

No SF Symbols styled alternatives exist. The old cupertino_icons 0.1.3 icons have been kept as is in 1.0.0.

Merged icons

For icon groups:

  • share, share_up
  • battery_charging, battery_full, battery_75_percent
  • shuffle, shuffle_medium, shuffle_thick
  • delete, delete_simple
  • refresh, refresh_thin, refresh_thick
  • clear, clear_thick
  • clear_circled_solid, clear_thick_circled
  • gear, gear_alt, gear_big
  • loop, loop_thick
  • time_solid, clock_solid
  • time, clock
  • tag, tags
  • tag_solid, tags_solid

Icons within the same group are now the exact same icon in 1.0.0. In other words, the distinctions between those icon variations which existed in 0.1.3 is now lost and will now render the same SF Symbols styled icon which represents the theme of the group.

This is mainly due to some artistic liberties taken when creating the original cupertino_icons set than now no longer match the variations diversity of the more formal SF Symbols icon set for some of the icons.

Migration guide

After you flutter upgrade to 1.22, if you also upgrade your cupertino_icons pubspec dependency from 0.1.3 to 1.0.0, such as via:

  ... // Other dependencies
  cupertino_icons: ^0.1.0


  ... // Other dependencies
  cupertino_icons: ^1.0.0

All your CupertinoIcons should automatically update to the new aesthetic (except unchanged icons listed above).

At this point, you can also explore CupertinoIcons or for new icons to use in your application.

You’re encouraged to verify your application after migrating to ensure that the automatically mapped new icons are suitable for your desired aesthetics.


Landed in: 1.22.0-10.0.pre.65
In stable release: not yet